51 Signs You’re From Ohio

I can confirm 90% of this.

Thought Catalog

1. You know that real chili is poured over spaghetti.

2. You are clear on what a Buckeye exactly is.

3. Your hometown river is flammable.

4. You consider Kentucky “the South.” Michigan is “the North,” and during college football season, it’s also a curse word.

5. You have relatives that pronounce “wash” with an extra “r.”

6. You know that “OHIO” is properly spelled with your arms.

7. You often give directions using time measurements, as in “it’s 30 minutes outside of Akron.”

8. You almost never got off school during the winter, unless there was at least a foot of snow.

9. You can’t possibly fathom someone not having A/C during the summer, because Ohio summers are disgusting. Fuck you, humidity.

10. You know there are only two seasons: Summer and Winter. (These may occur on the same day.) If you count “construction” as a season, then there…

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