Blog Post for Final Project

            Commissioner Kenesaw Landis has come down hard on the eight men from the Chicago White Sox today with banning them from ever coming back into the league. It seems very harsh but much needed. He needed to come down hard on these men so that baseball isn’t the laughing stock of America because that’s the direction it was going to. These men blatantly cheated the game of baseball and got off with a slap on the wrist from the court system.

            The commissioner knew exactly what needed to happen after these men got out of court thinking they would just leisurely sit out this season and just hop right back in the next and continue playing the way they were or go right back to betting on the game and making easy money.

It was Landis’ first year and first major hiccup as the commissioner he wanted to show he is the authority in the league and put his foot down. He clearly wants to make sure the players take him seriously and that it doesn’t matter how the courts settles it that he will determine what your future is like with in the league. So that is exactly what he did with suspending those men, making sure he gets the respect he deserves from the players and everyone of the clubs in the league.


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