Final Blog Post

Joshua Phelps


 Professor Fox

 March 30, 2014


Professional Critique


What constitutes excellence in my field, and why do I think so?

Excellence in the sports marketing field can cover many things, one of the biggest things is a television ad. If you are going to create any sports ad for television, you will need to meet certain criteria so that you create the best product you can.  An excellent television ad in the sports marketing and media field meets these criteria; does the ad have that “it” factor, putting your audience first, and does the ad sell the product.

Selling the product is what they are trying to accomplish, so that is the main task while making this ad. Most super successful sports ads on television come while we are all watching a big sporting event such as the college football’s National Championship, the Super Bowl, and the NBA Playoff. Having the “it” factor in these ads is what its all about because like Barry Petchesky wrote in How Many Ads Are In Your College Sports Broadcast? “Desser noted 120 separate commercials spanning 1:02:15, or more ad time than actual game time. On top of that, add the hours that the camera found a billboard, or apparel logo, or even the Vizio-sponsored first-down markers. Barely a second went by that an advertisement didn’t appear on this “non-commercial broadcast.” (Ptchesky, 2014) Having more than an hour of ad time during a 60 min game means companies have to have an “it” factor to stand out from all the other ads. Most of the ads were 30 seconds, so grabbing your audience early is key.

Hitting the target audience for the ad might be the most important thing, because that is going to base how successful the ad will be. Like Rose Weinberger said in Theses five steps can lead to a successful marketing campaign “When developing a marketing campaign, there is a tendency to want to communicate too many messages. Message overload dilutes the impact of your marketing efforts, and even more importantly, can confuse your target audience.” (Weinberger, 2003) I think this is key because today everyone wants you to get to the point; therefore, these companies should get there message across and leave it at that. This way the audience is satisfied with a good commercial for a good product.

Since this is a sports ad its not going to be run on a home improvement channel or a type of history channel because that’s not where the bulk of the people we are trying to reach are. Obviously the big sports channels are the ones they are going to want to run the ad on to make sure they do hit your mark.

            While putting our ad on the right channels is key, it is even more important to make sure we are in the correct age group as well. If your ad is for the state high school basketball tournament, you aren’t going to mention the NBA or college basketball game that will be held. You will focus your ad on the games that will be going on, when, and where the games will be held.

            Having creative ideas is an important part of the process of creating an ad for television. Everyone likes an ad that pulls him or her into it. Having multiple creative ideas for the ad gives you the best chance of having a good ad. This next question is something we should all ask ourselves while creating a sports ad, “Does this marketing campaign go beyond simply selling a product or service?” (Forbes, 2013) This is all part of the creative process behind sports television ads makes the ad stand out to people and make them more curious about our products. Making sure we leave a little meat on the bone for the next product is also a crucial piece of the puzzle. We want to make sure we can have a successful ad the next go around.

These are the main criteria that constitute excellence into the world of sports media and sports related television ads.




Barry Petchesky (2014) How Many Ads Are In Your College Sports Broadcast


Rose Weinberger (2003) These five steps can lead to a successful marketing campaign


Chris Kreinczes (2013) Looking For Inspiration? Check Out These 10 Creative Ploys


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