Media Properties and Revenue Generations

IMG_0396Real Madrid is one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world and the world’s most valuable team at $3.4 billion. I have chosen one of their three apps for iPhone “Realmadrid App.” The Realmadrid app has a whole lot of features from full stats from previous games to their online shop. The three examples of revenue generation I have chosen are the “Shop” tab, the “Tickets” tab, and the “BWIN” tab. The shop tab opens a page that you can choose any category that Real Madrid offer on their official website store. I would have to say this is one of the biggest ways Real Madrid pull revenue from this app. The tickets tab would have to be another huge way the team receives revenue from the app. This tab opens a page for their soccer and basketball teams as well as tickets for tours of the soccer stadium Santiago Berabeu. The BWIN is one of the teams sponsors and used to the their jersey sponsor. The BWIN tab takes you to a register page for BWIN which is an online betting site. They offer an bonus for signing up of EUR 50.


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